Elizabeth N. Nkukuu CFA

Ms. Elizabeth N. Nkukuu has close to Twenty years of experience in the Financial Services sector with a key focus on Investment Management in the Pension and Personal Wealth Creation programs. Her specialty has been around Portfolio Management, Real Estate Investments and Development, Private Equity Management including deal sourcing and structuring, Fundraising among others. She is passionate about wealth creation and to this end she is a Financial Literacy training and Advisor .

Ms. Elizabeth N. Nkukuu is passionate about helping people create businesses that last through training, coaching, and mentoring entrepreneurs. She has run a couple of businesses learning a lot from both worlds. Her combination of impressive professional and academic qualifications and the hands-on experience gained by running businesses, bring together a significant advantage of the theory and practical aspects of running successful businesses.

She is an author having published a book titled “Thrive” highlighting a step-by-step guide on wealth creation and financial freedom attainment.

Ms. Elizabeth N. Nkukuu is currently pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy(PHD) Degree in Business Administration (Finance) from Nairobi University. She has a Master of Business Administration(MBA) from Nairobi University and a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science from Nairobi University.