Group Micro Enterprise Loan Products (GMELP) – HUSTLER FUND YA VIKUNDI

This loan product is suitable for Kenyans who have a formally recognized group and are looking to finance their business as a group.


  •  Amounts: Between  Kes 20,000 to Kes 1,000,000
  •  Interest rate:   7% per annum on reducing balance and 1.5% default rate 
  • Tenor: Repayment in six (6) months from disbursement date. Borrowers can opt to repay in installments or lump sum.
  •  Saving 5% of the approved amount respectively, channeled towards groups Members savings scheme

The Groups scoring  will be appraised through a credit scoring algorithm based on collective individual members score, including but not limited to, their savings and repayment history

For a Kenyan group to qualify for this loan product, they must meet the following criteria:

  • All group members should be Kenyan citizens of 18 years above with a valid National Identification Card (ID).
  • A group to comprise of at least 5 members.
  • Each member should have an active sim card for the past 90 days onany Mobile Network Opera
  • Engage in an economic activity in the Priority Sectors (as listed under core objectives)
  • The chama verified by Government Institution ie MSEA, Social Services and BRS
  • All group members should not have defaulted on the Personal